Healthcare is one of the most important sectors when it comes to technical development. In Codelab, we made sure we contributed to that by providing a variety of solutions and services to cover all aspects of health field work, including health sector personnel, company’s representatives, maintenance of medical devices and equipment, sterilization and disinfection procedures.


Misidentified specimen samples can result in misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment and hence create a serious risk to patient safety.

With BRAVO, healthcare workers can guarantee a risk-free process with our smart scheduling, real-time tracking, built-in check forms, aside from the ability to link samples’ barcode with patient details all on the go. BRAVO can be integrated with any payment system to facilitate the payment process as well.

Ensuring the health of citizens is a concern for any country, it all starts with immunization.

BRAVO provides a complete immunization management solution that can be used to perform, monitor and track the immunization process, or in wider range, support mass immunization campaigns, like seasonal flu campaigns. It keeps records of citizens who take the vaccine guaranteeing a safe, error-free, and reliable process, which is why it can also be used by organizations to request an employee-patients’ immunization records.

For medical reps, It’s not easy to gather a lot of information at once. While trying to keep track of all the visits with every single detail; there is a lot of room for error and losing data.

With BRAVO, Never Lose or Forget Important prospects. BRAVO starts with scheduling the visits targeting either doctors or hospitals, going through the perfect Management of data generated by Medical Reps (MRs) with full control over field activities, representing timely, actionable reports, and finally a GPS enabled tracking to have the job done in a simple yet timely manner.

It is important to keep schedules for preventative maintenance of medical devices, while guaranteeing the quality and performance of your devices throughout filling a form or a questionnaire.

BRAVO can help you keep records of your contracts and products, along with setting targets to perform preventative maintenance of your medical devices; while having a plan with a firm schedule that helps you optimize resources.

Being out on the field could’t be more efficient providing GPS-stamped data sharing as well as keeping track of the technicians allowing them to order parts directly in the field.

Many healthcare organizations in both private or public sectors are seeking service quality improvement, validation, and standards compliance through their own entities or through any sub-organization working towards improving healthcare organization behavior.

With its built in ready-made application; BRAVO can help thousands of health organizations around the world grant their accreditation and quality certificates.

Prompt and effective response to complaints within a healthcare entity is extremely essential as it actually might save lives.

BRAVO will give your health organization a hand to be able to respond immediately to such incidences. It provides a set of smart reporting tools along with built in forms, converting the incidence details reported to an assigned task, collecting the investigation results with time stamped attached media, and then generate real time reports that help in catching up immediately with the corrective action.